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Miguel Mouriz, and brother to Reinaldo Mouriz formed Mouriz Enterprises, Inc.(a painting and contracting firm) in 1988. Contracts with companies such as Centex Homes, Lennar Homes, Arvida and Heftler were secured for the painting of thousands of new units. Within the next 5 years Mouriz Enterprises became Sherwin-Williams largest volume consumer in the Southeast United States. The volume was such that Sherwin-Williams named a color after them (Mouriz Off-White). After much success in painting the industry Mr. Mouriz went on to real estate development and in 1994 formed the Keystone Holdings Group (KHG) with his brother, Reinaldo Mouriz, and cousin, Enrique Puig. Mr. Mouriz's responsibilities include but not limited to property financing and supervision of all accounting practices including cash and financial planning for each project and each partnership. Mr. Mouriz has extensive experience with multifamily and commercial projects as a owner, partner, and investor.


Reinaldo Mouriz is responsible for all construction related activities including renovation, new construction, and construction management and consulting, inclusive of purchasing and quality control. He closely supervises all contractors and has had an extremely well diversified portfolio of construction project experience.



Enrique R. Puig, P.E., General Partner/Manager: Enrique Puig holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Florida. Mr. Puig was Vice-President of Operations from 1986 to 1992 at The Bared & Company, a major Mechanical Contracting Firm in the southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Mr. Puig and the Mouriz brothers co-founded in1994 the Keystone Holding Group. Mr. Puig’s responsibilities include but not limited to identifying properties for new projects for re-development, feasibility studies, implementation of project design & direct supervision of architectural and engineering professionals, scheduling and job costing.

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